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Studio strobes
There are different lights that can be used for studio photography. I will touch studio strobes, speed lights, continuous lighting, bulbs and LEDs.

Speed lights can, with the help of an adapter, make use of all the studio equipment, like soft boxes, beauty dishes and other light modifiers. Where speed lights, since they can run on standard batteries, are good for field trips or places where you have no power socket. If you need to bring a studio light setup with you, then speed lights can be what you are after.
Or if you already have studio lights, then you can easily use your light modifiers with the speed lights. Just go shopping for the adapters. Then your speed lights can simply be your portable studio setup.
If you prefer real studio strobes, I have seen strobes from 180 Watt to 1200 Watt. As I personally have a very small studio, I don't need as much power to light up the scene. I have three heads of 300 Watt.
Most light modifiers are made for studio strobes. And they are used by professional photographers. The strobes I have are at the cheaper end of the scale, but I think they are really great and they do the job for me, being a happy amateur having photography as my hobby.
They feel like good quality, and I am sure I will not soon exchange them. Actually, I am considering a fourth strobe head of the same make and model to the studio setup I have. The selection of light modifiers is huge, and many companies are competing, making the market really big.

Continuous light for video.
With the innovation of lights, especially LEDs, you can now find good and cheap continuous lighting that is really great if you want to use the light for both video and still photography.
You can also find lamps for use with traditional bulb-like lights which are newer and less power consuming, yet giving a nice light for your photography use. What you have to look at with continuous lighting is the temperature of the light.

Normally, I will not buy anything as a kit. You always seem to have to buy something in the kit that you really do not want. But, because I bought from overseas, I had to think about the cost of shipping also, and buying one item will definitely be cheaper on shipping than buying most things from different sellers.
What I found at was "BPS 900W Flash Strobe Lighting". It includes 3 x 300W strobes, 3 stands, 2 soft boxes, 1 trigger set, 2 umbrellas, a free carry bag and some other accessories. The price as at the time of writing is £333.55. Then, you have to add the shipping cost.
These strobes are made by Godox but are sold under different brand names.
Browsing for studio strobes, I found that kit on Amazon suited me in a way. All the items in the kit were things I wanted to buy anyway. I wanted other things, but at lesser priority, like a barn door, and a snoot, but all the light modifiers that came with the kit were items I wanted, so it was an okay deal for me. I then later had to find the barn door and the snoot elsewhere.

Knowing only speed lights, and bulbs, I spent a long time browsing for the right strobes for my need - and I am fully satisfied with the kit I finally bought via Amazon.
I use the wireless trigger system that also came with the kit. There is a trigger that has to be attached to the hot shoe on the camera. With that follows a receiver that is to be connected to the sync port on the strobe. Then, if using more than that one strobe I will set up the others as slaves.
This works really well.

I have now later bought another trigger system for the studio strobes. And they are much better, as I now can control the strobe heads from that trigger on the camera. Turing the power up and down wirelessly.

And the latest about the heads.. I now no longer see these Godox heads on Amazon. They seem to have been replaced by LED studio strobes.
That annoys me, as I might have wanted to get another of these. But LEDs can also be used for video filming. But how they will act as flash heads I dont know, yet. But sofar, after several years with this Godox set I can still, only say that I am fully satisfied with them. I don't need that extra light now, but if I will at some point, I think I will buy an extra studio strobe, this model as second hand, or a new LED one - time will tell. But I can imagine a LED head..

Information The Godox DE-300 is part of a kit, sold by BPS, via Price tag says; £333.55 for the lot.
The kit contains three strobe lights, three stands, a silver and white umbrella, a trigger system, two soft boxes, and a bag to transport the set. I can recommend it. The heads are also sold separately, seen at £64.98 and it can be found in a pair for £267 included wireless trigger system for both.