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Light stands come in a couple of variations. One is a tripod-like with three legs, like the one to the right. And there is another type called a C-stand. The C-stands are very sturdy; and the prices reflect that.

I got mine tri-legged in a kit, as I say elsewhere, and I got the very same when I bought the background system later.
The tri-legged ones I have in a mini size also. They are from 24cm to 42cm in height. Its very useful, casting a light on the background, hiding behind the subject. Maybe a colour from a snoot or from a barn door or a strobe head with a standard reflector throwing light on a white background to get the High key effect.

Booms can be attached to a stand, and is really practical if you, for example, want to have, let's say a soft box, hanging from above, and spreading light downwards. They are useful for table top arrangements and good at lighting if you are to make some aquarium shots. They are kept from not falling over, by a counterweight. This can be a metal block, or a simple sandbag.
Some can hold a reflector, what could be practical if you need a pair of hands.

Information I got my three legged stands in the kit of studio strobes. And when I bought a background system, I got two more of the same kind, with a boom for the roll of background-paper. They are okay. But I am a little afraid it will tumble over, when I let my soft box point downwards, and the stand being out folded the most. I later bought some that are very sturdy, they are called C-stands, and they are to prefer for sure. I have two of those now, from the brand Neewer, I got them from Amazon. They can reach very high and hold a lot of weight.