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Macro flashes

Disapointed about the LED ring flash, and finding the studio strobes too big, I went looking for a type that would work like a ringflash or other flashes meant for macro photography. And I found all that in the Godox MF-12 flashes.
They are not only to be mounted on the lens. They are wirelessly controlled, and can be placed around where you want them.

The system can have six or seven flashes on the one ring that you can mount on the front of you lens.

With these flashes you can place them and fire them from a distance of supposevly 100 meters. The flashes them self works with any camera. Its the trigger that you will have to find to suit your camera.
You can trigger them via a Godex trigger. Or you can use them as slaves and fire them of by the build-in flash on you camera. Or by a speedlight mounted on that camera. They work in TTL mode and Manual.
There are two types of slave settings, one is the slave mode, where you first use a pre-flash before the flash that will trigger the Godox. The preflash is used to avoid red eyes. The first flash fires to make the people you are phtographing, - their eyes to react on the light just a short while before they second flash i fired. Or the other slave setting, is just a single shot from the flash that triggers the MF-12 as slaves.
Buying two of the MF-12 in a kit, called MF-12 K2. Contains the two flashes with all needed. Different things and cold shoe stands. Adapters so they can be mounted on stands or tripods. And two sets of colored gels for each flash. The ring to mount the flashes to the front of you lens, and a stack of rings for all you lenses. The whole lot comes in a hardshell box that is surpricingly solid and sturdy.

Information The MF-12 flashes are very versatile. They can be used both as macro flashes and as extra lights for many kinds of setup. Their wireless connection makes them usabel in very broad terms.