Macro photography

On Amazon they have a Kindle e-book named Macro Expressionism. The short description says:

Macro Expressionism is a new concept in Macro photography outlined by Carlin M. Felder to describe a style of photographing a subject close-up which deviates from the hyper-realistic macro style used by mainstream photographers.
Macro Expressionism emphasizes what is important in the photographer's frame at the moment and is not concerned with the representation of the object as a whole.

At a price tag, saying $1.24 this is definitely a book I will recommend that you buy. It has very interesting and very nice pictures.

Macro photography, is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small objects, in which the size of the object, in the photography is the same (1:1), or greater than life size. The further the lens is from the film or sensor, the closer the focusing distance ...

Information: There are many tools for macro photography. I have, in this section of the present e-book, written about five of them. And I get around other equipment that is useful for macro photography. Tripods, a focusing rail, and a ring flash.

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