This e-book is my first with the topic "Photography".
I am neither a professional nor a photography guru.
This e-book is targeted at beginners in photography and people who like to read about their hobby.
It may not cover any subject in deep, but you will find a little description about many subjects and items in this short e-book about photography.
I want to thank you for taking your time to look at this book.

Software used in the creation of this e-book is;

GNU/Linux Mint (mate)
Libre Office
Chromium Browser

I use two pieces of graphics, taken from Wikipedia; the example of light temperature. And a visual example of aperture.

As I write this ending, I see that I have material for another e-book. I will work on that, after publishing this, and will put out that extra content in the future. But for now, thanks for taking your time, reading this e-book. It has been an experience for me writing it, and hopefully you will read that new material when it is put out in the same place where you found this e-book.

Jacob, 2017-2018
Welcome to the newst incarnation of You can now find some texts here. About Web developing in a OSS environment, a new document. My old ebook about photography, while we wait for the second edition.. The old text; "The Creative Kitchen". The PHP snippet collection. Find some valuable tips here.... and ofcource you still find the photo album here also.