... and that is why bellows are so great.

Extending the distance between the lens and the film or sensor, by inserting either extension tubes or a continuously adjustable bellows, is another option for macro photography equipment.
Bellows can be found in prices starting at less than £30 on If you are a little serious about macro photography, then this tool could be interesting for you.
A tripod is needed, as you will have your camera connected at one end of this, and a lens at the other, giving some weight to the whole setup. You shouldn't let the camera carry all the weight of the mount, so you can screw your tripods quick-release-plate to the bellow, so the weight is on that.
Also, you can use this with the macro slider rail, if your tripod can carry the whole arrangement.
You can use this bellow with any of you lenses.

Information: It is not all the photography equipment in this e-book that I own myself. And one thing I don't have is a bellow. It is one of the things highest on my shopping list. I like macro photography, and I think a bellow is worth the value, for me anyway. I have tried one, several years back. And I remember it being very interesting.

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